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Have you ever wondered:
  • What time of day and day of the week your website is busiest?
  • What the most popular URL on your site is?
  • What IP address makes the most requests to see your website?
If you want answers to these questions, the Webalizer can tell you when it analyzes your site's statistic log files! This tool produces highly detailed, simple-to-understand and easily configurable Web site usage reports in HTML format--which are viewable with any standard Web browser.

Features and Benefits

With the Webalizer:
  • Your log files are updated throughout the day so you always have access to current information.
  • You can view logs online or download the raw log files for use with offline statistic analysis software like WebTrends or FastStats.
  • You can view the report in a Web browser.
  • You can opt to receive weekly or monthly e-mail messages summarizing the traffic to your Web site.

This product is available by request only. Please contact support.