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Best of the Web


Want to get your site or blog listed as part of the "Best of the Web"?

Submit your website or blog to the Best of the Web online directory, and experienced editors will review its content and design for inclusion in the world's oldest search directory!

Benefits and Features

Gain exposure and attract visitors to your site by trying one of Best of the Web's three different services:

  • Website Directory Submissions: Submit your website and within three days it could get listed in a category that contains sites on similar topics—targeting your ideal audience.

  • Blog Directory Submissions: Like to blog on a particular topic and want more people to read about it? Submit now and three days later people could subscribe to your very own RSS feed—plus, you could network with other, similar bloggers.

  • Category Sponsorships: For the ultimate exposure, you can get started with a 90-day free category sponsorship to have more flexibility in the placement of your website or blog's description. You could be listed at the top of relevant directory pages you choose, and alongside Best of the Web search results!

Plus, by getting listed, you can improve your search-engine ranking—major search engines use Best of the Web to help evaluate sites for quality and relevancy!

Getting Started

Learn more about Best of the Web and the different directory service options they offer by clicking the link below.