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What is Domain Redemption?


A domain typically enters the redemption period about 45 days after its expiration date if it is not renewed or purchased by a 3rd party (30 days if the domain is registered through FastDomains). However, certain top-level domains may enter redemption status the day after the domain's expiration date.

The redemption period usually lasts for 30 days until the domain enters Pending Deletion status.
Important: When your domain is in Redemption status, you may still redeem the domain by paying a redemption fee in addition to the normal domain renewal rate. The redemption fee may be up to USD 160.00, depending on your registrar. Please contact us to redeem your domain.

Domain Life Cycle

  1. Active
    • Your domain settings and contact information can be modified while Active
    • Typically your domain can be registered or renewed for a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of 10 years
  2. Expired - One day after your domain's expiration date, the domain is Expired.
    • Your email will stop working
    • Your website will be replaced with a "parked" page
  3. Redemption - Depending on the registrar, your domain can enter redemption about 45 days after it expires. Domain in redemption requires a special redemption fee in addition to the regular domain renewal fee.
  4. Pending Delete
    • Lasts approximately 5 days
    • Changes cannot be made to the domain (DNS updates, ownership information)
    • Your domain cannot be redeemed

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