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Invoices and Automatic Billing Dates

To check your account's Billing Information, please log in to your Foundation dashboard. Take me there.

Invoice, Billing, and Renewal Dates

  • Invoice Date is typically when one signs up for a product or service and generates the bill.
  • The Billing Date is the date the customer is billed. 
  • Renewal Date is the date the previous payment of the customer's products or services expires.

When will your invoice generate and process automatic payments? 

Items Renewing

Renewal Cycle

Invoice Generation

Automatic Billing Date

Hosting/Add-on Services

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

Invoices are not emailed to customers with less than a year term of add-on/service. 

5 days prior to the renewal  date

Hosting/Add-on Services

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years

45 days prior to renewal

15 days prior to the renewal date

Domain Registration

1 Year

Domain renewal notices are sent several times before and after the domain expires. The time frame is based on the registrar.

Please note that billing renewal notices for domain names that we manage are sent out only for domains set to renew automatically.

15 days prior to the renewal date

Grace Periods and Payment Windows

Aside from the 6 or 45-day window between invoice generation and the beginning of the next billing cycle for Add-on and Hosting Services, we also provide a grace period for customers to make a payment. 

If the invoice is still unpaid on the 15th day after the due date, hosting services will be suspended. Domain names expire on the due date of the invoice. This leaves a payment window of the following:

  • Hosting & Services renewing less than annually: 21 days
  • Hosting & Services renewing annually or greater: 60 days
  • Domain name renewals: We have a 30-day grace period on domains. After this mark, it can be pulled at any time for the auction.

If we cannot charge your card(s) on file successfully, we will attempt to notify you via email. This is to help you avoid account suspension and data loss.

Automatic Renewals

By default, your add-on service and hosting plan are set to auto-renew, which means they will automatically renew according to your billing cycle. The renewal will be charged to the credit card on file.

Some domains, depending on the TLD/registrar, are unable to be set on autorenewal. Those that are transferred over to us are automatically put on manual renewal. For domains currently on manual renewal, you can set them to renew automatically by following the steps in this article: How To Change Domain Auto-Renewal Settings.

What if I need to cancel my account and request a refund? 

Please contact support for information on how to cancel your account and review the cancellation and refund policy.